Multimedia Production

Our Program

We are surrounded by multimedia. It is easier than ever to pick up a camera, a computer, or a phone, and create. But it takes more than technology to make compelling multimedia – you have to use your resources to their fullest, and you must be able to tell a story.  At its core, multimedia production is about creators and audiences communicating. That’s where we come in.

The UCONN Department of Communication offers a sequence of courses in Multimedia Production.  The sequence trains students in the fundamental mechanics of creating multimedia, as well as the broader process of communication at work through multimedia storytelling for various audiences.  Courses focus on both fiction and nonfiction applications, with projects aimed at helping students develop multimedia portfolios.  Students complete the program in conjunction with other core courses in Communication, learning not just how to use media tools, but when to use them and why

Students who participate in the production sequence may seek a Certificate in Multimedia Production as record of both the rigor of their training and quality of their work.


Program Objectives

We use this philosophy to guide all of our program offerings, courses, and events:

  • Emphasize a story-first approach to filmmaking and media creation. Above all else: Tell the story.
  • Place equal emphasis on fiction an nonfiction media, given the prevalence of both in modern media and professional environments.
  • Emphasize the value of resourcefulness in media production over technological riches. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have.
  • Encourage collaboration to build teamwork and professional skills.
  • Integrate offerings in multimedia production with the department’s broader mission and our students’ practical development as communication majors and practitioners.
  • Publicize and make accessible the works of production students; modern media is widely shared.


  • COMM 2940

    Fundamentals of Digital Production

    COMM 2940. Fundamentals associated with the production of digital video, audio, and images to communicate with various audiences. Students rotate through various roles of pre-production, production, and post-production processes in the creation of multimedia projects.

  • Narrative Digital Video Production

    COMM 4940. Advanced course in the creation of narrative (fiction) short films. This course covers storytelling, screenwriting, production design, directing actors, managing a film set, post-production, scoring, sound FX, and finishing for digital projects. Students work in teams to create short-subject fiction films throughout the course.


    COMM 4941. Advanced course in the creation of nonfiction video, with an emphasis on documentary. This course covers research, documentary preproduction, interviewing, B-roll, capturing live events, post-production, scoring, and other nuances for digital nonfiction projects. Students work in teams to create short-subject documentary films throughout the course.

  • COMM 4340

    Visual Communication

    COMM 4340. Theory of design and creation of graphics and multimedia for professional and technical purposes. This course focuses on the strategic use of multimedia to enhance endeavors in organizations, problem-solving, public relations, education, and other professional settings.

  • Independent Study in Multimedia Production

    COMM 4999. Functioning as a capstone to the production sequence, students who wish to take on individualized projects of sufficient rigor may request an independent study in production, supervised by a faculty member who teaches in the sequence. Projects resulting from this course are expected to be of high quality and to develop the student’s multimedia portfolio.

Photography at Sunset


The following courses from the Department of Communication are not strictly focused on Multimedia Production, though each helps to reinforce our Communication-centered approach to multimedia. While these courses are outside of the production sequence, each offers opportunities through course projects and activities to create and better understand modern multimedia. 

  • COMM 2100. Professional Communication.
  • COMM 2110. Presenting in the Digital World.
  • COMM 3100. Persuasion.
  • COMM 3300. Effects of Mass Media.
  • COMM 4300. Advanced Media Effects. 

For more information on each of these courses, consult the COMM Course Catalog.


Our Student Production Company

Advanced student production projects are all branded under the Commotion Pictures name, as a means of uniting work done within our Multimedia Production Program.   Commotion Pictures projects are student-driven, story-driven, and resourceful in getting the most out of each idea.  

Each spring, the best Commotion Pictures projects from the academic year are invited to Hartford, CT for a special red-carpet screening in front of a public audience.  The event concludes with the announcement of the Audience Award for Best Picture, the prize for best film of the year.  Previous winners – and other invited films – can be viewed online in The Screening Room.