The Certificate In Multimedia Production


In recognition of the many ways in which media creators impact today's world, the department of Communication offers a Certificate in Multimedia Production. Students pursuing the certificate complete a sequence of courses that train them in the fundamental mechanics of creating multimedia, as well as the broader process of communication at work through multimedia storytelling for various audiences.

Department of Communication


The certificate in multimedia production trains students in several key skill areas:

  • Project proposals
  • Screenwriting & Digital Storytelling
  • Production design
  • Digital Layout design
  • Cinematography
  • Lighting
  • Sound recording and design
  • Directing on-camera performances
  • Interviewing for multimedia
  • Nonlinear Editing
  • Audio- and Video-finishing work
  • Managing Digital Workflows

Across each multimedia production course, the above skills are targeted at varying levels of achievement (competency, proficiency, and mastery.)

Program-Based Learning Objectives

Certificate Requirements

  • 12 Credits in Multimedia Production

    At least four courses from our sequence including COMM 2940, 4940, 4941, 4340, and 4999.

  • Grades of B- or Above

    You must score a B- or better in each course you complete for the Certificate.

  • Apply For The Certificate

    Once you’ve finished the courses, apply for the Certificate with the Department of Communication. We’ll verify your completion, and you’ll be awarded the certificate!